Lifeline游戏通关详解 生命线英文版通关攻略




► Who is this?

► The Varia?

► How do you not know?

► Okay. Calm down.

► Easy, now. Just breathe.

► Okay. Where are you?

► Describe "here".

► Check the crash.

► Look for the crew.(check flight deck的话会发现受伤的船长……然而并没有什么卵用)

► Honor the dead.

► Makes sense. Keep exploring.

► Try the galley.

► Forget it for now.

► Try the lab.

► Try the galley again.

► Camp out by the reactor. (留下来会冻死……我的第一个BE,在网上做了research,结果网上有人说150的话暴露长时间会致死,我就说留下,就BE了)

► Ugh. Thanks for sharing.

► No, but thanks anyway.

► Find a way around.

► Back out of the canyon. (If he climbs, he\’ll fall and break bones)

► Walk the perimeter.

► Clockwise! (I don\’t think there is a big difference here, but still…)

► Sorry. No time to chat.

► Explore the wreckage.

► Okay. Turn back.

► Turn back while you can.

► Make Camp.

► Try one of the hallways.

► East hall.

► Take one now.

► Keep trying the galley door.

► Hook up the alarm.

► See what that noise is.

► No. Chase down that noise.

► Check out the alarm.

► "Looks like" what?

► Go get some breakfast.

► Mmmm… tasty!

► Yes, go for it!

► Build yourself a compass.

► Yes, keep going.

► Don\’t waste time on snacks.

► Yup. Go for it.

► Break a leg.

► Sure, take a pill.

► Lay it on me.

► Wait, tell me!

► That MUST be an illusion.

► You\’re sure they\’re yours?

► Check out the opening.

► Go through the door.

► What happened?

► Follow these… things.

► Tell me!

► Explore the computers.

► What? What is it?

► How many, total?

► Wake it up.

► What do you see?

► Are you sure?

► Go out and meet them.

► It\’s okay. I\’m here.

► Do you feel okay?

► Lay it on me.

► Go out and meet them.

► "Something worse"?

► Breathable air, though.

► Step back from there.

► What happened?

► Are you certain?

► Do not get close.

► Are all your rats there?

► What are the rats doing?

► What is it?

► Can you override it?

► Can you warn the ship?

► Must be what happened.

► Hard to say.

► How close are your visitors?

► Keep working on the computers.

► Keep at it, just in case.

► That\’s a lot of hope.

► What is it?

► You need to back away.

► What?!

► Calm down. Just breathe.

► You HAVE to keep breathing.

► Get out of there.

► Make a break for it.

► Wildboy? Your dead rat?

► It\’s an alien?

► You need to run.

► Try to capture it.

► What does it say?

► Excellent news!

► You\’re reappearing quickly.

► Only a few seconds.

► What is?

► Are they out of food?

► No freaking out. Just breathe.

► Try for a casual pose.

► Take it down a notch.

► How do you mean?

► You have to describe it.

► What\’s it doing now?

► Must be an illusion.

► What are the other rats doing?

► What is it?

► Are they threatening you?

► Please tell me what\’s going on.

► Tell me what you see!

► Feeling pretty homesick?

► That cannot be possible. (SO MUCH DRAMA)

► What is happening?

► You have to get away.

► Those are not still your friends.

► Okay. Sure. Stay calm.

► No! Fight it! (If he\’ll submit, there\’ll be hentai ending.)

► Can you find an exit?

► What happened?

► You\’ve GOT to fight!

► There must be a solution.

► Must be SOMETHING to compute.

► What\’s "it"? Random bashing?

► Can you really reprogram it?

► Obviously, I wish you luck.

► What just went on?

► Guard the computer.

► What does it mean?

► "Except" what?

► You gotta get there first.

► Try it and see.

► You should get back up.

► What is the problem?

► Run for the rescue ship.

► Do NOT give up right now!

► Dying right now is selfish.

► You have to warn others.

► You are welcome.

► You\’re gonna make it!

► Ignore their eyes.

► What happened?

[connection terminated]